The Project

Fewer than 26 000 rhino remain alive today.

Time is running out.

The Locked Horn Project is a new initiative from Cape Town arts organisation African Creative.

It’s our way of taking a stand and making a difference in the fight to stop rhino horn poaching.

rhino - buy african rhino art

When you buy a locked horn rhino, you’re taking a step towards ending the slaughter.

stop rhino poaching beaded art

Our Progress

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Locked Horn Speacial Deals

What's Happening?

  • Rhino Protection Rangers ...

    A few weeks ago, we handed over 25,000 ZAR to our rhino cause partners (in conservation) StopRhinoPoaching.Com – the culmination of our recent Locked Horn Project sales and other initiatives.  You can find out more in-depth details about our latest rhino

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  • The Rhino Horn Needs You!...

    With the numbers of rhino slaughtered for their horns in 2014, already exceeding the toll of 2013, it’s clear that we all need to be doing more to support our horned friends. There is opportunity for each and everyone of

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Our Partners