Endangered Rhinos - The Facts

we need to protect the endangered rhino

We all can play a part to protect endangered rhinos.

Information is power. And in the fight to stop rhino poaching, there is nothing more important than knowing the facts and staying up-to-date with developments that affect the illegal trade in rhino horn.

Rhino poaching in Africa is now at an all-time high. Poaching was widespread in the 80’s and early 90’s, but had died down due to some wonderful conservation efforts. Populations were increasing and the forecasts were good. This is no longer the case.

Scientific testing has confirmed that rhino horn contains no medicinal properties. The horn is made of the same material as human fingernails.

Today there are fewer than 30 000 rhino left throughout Africa and Asia combined.  The need to protect endangered rhinos is at an all time high.

Today there are five species and 11 subspecies of rhinos surviving on earth. Two species (Black and White) occur in Africa. Three species (Greater One-horned rhino, Javan, and Sumatran) occur in Asia, according to the International Rhino Foundation.

  • Over 200 rhino have been slaughtered already in 2013. Kruger National Park has been the hardest hit.
  • 448 rhino were killed in 2011 and 668 in 2012.
  • 232 arrests were made for poaching in 2011. “Well-organized and well-funded crime syndicates are continuing to feed the growing black market with rhino horn,” says Mike Knight, Chairman of the IUCN SSC African Rhino Specialist Group.
  • The Asian market is the single biggest driver of the trade. There is a common belief that the horn has widespread medicinal properties.statistics about endangered rhinos

Visit StopRhinoPoaching.com to view more facts and figures.

Read these 25 Facts you did not know about the endangered rhinos.


number of endangered rhinos killed per day

Rhino Protection Rangers ...

A few weeks ago, we handed over 25,000 ZAR to our rhino cause partners (in conservation) StopRhinoPoaching.Com – the culmination of our recent Locked Horn Project sales and other initiatives.  You can find out more in-depth details about our latest rhino

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The Rhino Horn Needs You!...

With the numbers of rhino slaughtered for their horns in 2014, already exceeding the toll of 2013, it’s clear that we all need to be doing more to support our horned friends. There is opportunity for each and everyone of

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A New Plan for Rhino Prot...

With the rhino slaughter toll rising faster in 2014 than years prior, South African authorities have come together to strategise an urgent plan for rhino protection.                         image via earthintransition.org

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Another Rhino Donation &#...

The Locked Horn Project reaches another donation milestone, with a 25,000 rand rhino donation to our partners StopRhinoPoaching.com.    This past week, we met up with Elise, from StopRhinoPoaching.com to exchange the R25,000 donation and to get up-to-date with the progress

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Endangered Rhinos Find Ne...

The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) in conjunction with the J-Bay open, stop number 6 in the ASP’s world surf championship tour, mobilised the force of three of it’s most celebrated surf stars and their network to help raise awareness

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Protecting the South Afri...

Endangered rhinos are back on the global news agenda this week, as South African governmental officials released a statement on Monday, with news of a potential new strategy to legalise rhino horn trade.   image via npr.com South Africa’s Environment

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African Artwork Against R...

 With recent news that two men have been sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment for rhino poaching, we can hope that as consequences harden and efforts of rhino conservation strengthen, we will see a brighter future for the rhino. The

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Wildleaks – a New D...

The illegal rhino horn trade has a new nemesis. A new wiki-leaks style website, Wildleaks, has launched with the aim of reducing animal trafficking and the trading of animal parts. The online platform hopes to be a game changer and

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Rhino Poaching Updates an...

When we see ‘rhino’ flashing in a news headline, we know more often than not, that it’s not good news. Frequently, we hear an unfortunate rise on rhino poaching statistics,or more facts about endangered rhinos being killed or mutilated for

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Rhino Facts

Rhino Protection – Why is there a need? Today there are fewer than 30 000 rhino left throughout Africa and Asia combined. Today there are five species and 11 subspecies of rhinos surviving on earth. Two species (Black and White)

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