A New Plan for Rhino Protection: South Africa to Evacuate 500 Endangered Rhinos

With the rhino slaughter toll rising faster in 2014 than years prior, South African authorities have come together to strategise an urgent plan for rhino protection.

Rhino Protection Evacuation from Kruger













image via earthintransition.org

In an announcement made last week, Edna Molewa, South Africa’s Environment Minister announced that up to 500 rhino from Kruger National Park will be evacuated to new locations, where they will be less likely to fall victim to poachers.

Kruger National Park has been hit the hardest by illegal poachers this year, with 408 of the endangered rhino species slaughtered for their horns in 2014 alone.

This new plan for rhino protection reflects the dire state of the endangered rhino and the drastic measures that need to be employed to protect the species.  The evacuations of rhino from Kruger to new locations, will aim to not only support efforts to stop rhino poaching but also facilitate an environment for the population to grow.

The new plan also suggests that the South African government view rhino poaching as a matter of urgency, and are taking the necessary steps to ensure the species does not become extinct.

It is expected that about 500 rhino will be relocated, with approximately 250 sold to private buyers and the remaining 250 moved to other identified strongholds – provincial and private parks.  There is thought to be as little as 8400 white rhino remaining in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.


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