African Artwork Against Rhino Poaching

 With recent news that two men have been sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment for rhino poaching, we can hope that as consequences harden and efforts of rhino conservation strengthen, we will see a brighter future for the rhino.

The two men were arrested last year, when Kruger National Park rangers intercepted them in possession of a fresh rhino horn. The 12 year sentence will hopefully act as a stark notice to poachers of the severe punishments connected to rhino poaching.

However, the law are not the only force working hard for rhino protection. There are a number of key initiatives within South Africa and globally to help educate, spread awareness and mobilise change around the rhino poaching issue.

Much like our initiative, Locked Horn Project, organisations, communities and individuals are utilising African artwork to make their contribution to the rhino conservation cause. Here we take a brief look at how two other projects have utilised african art as a means of taking a stand against rhino poaching.

One of these is The Rhino Parade, an innovative fundraising campaign that replicated the internationally known Cow Parade concept. Together with artists and celebrity rhino ambassadors, The Rhino Parade creates visually striking rhino art sculptures, moulded from environmentally friendly Jezmonite and facilitates companies and institutions to sponsor ¾ life size rhino art sculptures that are then placed in public places. Rhino Parade sculptures can be, like the one below can be seen throughout Johannesburg and Durban.

rhino art sculpture against rhino poaching












Secondly, South Africa’s Wildlife and Environment Society, WESSA, collaborated with creatives at Vega, Durban to utilise the art forohand-drawn animation and filmmaking to create a beautiful, short film to promote public participation with rhino conservation. WESSA’s mission is to implement high impact environmental and conservation projects and this short film is not the only time they have integrated art into their cause efforts – they have collaborated with a number of other filmmakers and artist to bring messages of conservation and environmental action to the public arena.

We, the Locked Horn Project also look to art to help take action against rhino poaching.

The Locked Horn Project, a collaboration between African Creative and StopRhinoPoaching.Com utilises the traditional african art medium of bead and wire to create unique beaded rhino art.

We created this range of beaded african artwork and set up partnerships with individuals, retailer and companies to help us support the cause and raise awareness. Our hope is that these beaded rhino art acts as a symbol of conservation especially around the issue of poaching and a symbol of the need to protect the rhino horn.

For every rhino purchased, we donate 15% to to support the many rhino conservation projects they run. If you want to take a stand against rhino poaching, you can click here to buy a unique piece of beaded rhino art and contribute to the cause.

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