Rhino Protection Rangers in the Kruger National Park Receive New Emergency Trauma Packs from Recent Locked Horn Project Donation : An Update from StopRhinoPoaching.Com

Rhino_Protection_Unit_Kruger1 (1)

Rhino Protection Unit in the Kruger National Park. Image via southafrica.net

A few weeks ago, we handed over 25,000 ZAR to our rhino cause partners (in conservation) StopRhinoPoaching.Com – the culmination of our recent Locked Horn Project sales and other initiatives.  You can find out more in-depth details about our latest rhino donation here. 

We were informed at the time that the donation would be put towards purchasing survival kits for the rhino protection rangers that work towards rhino protection in Kruger National Park – a location where rhino poaching is at an all-time high. We’ve just received an update from Elise, from StopRhinoPoaching.Com on her recent trip to Kruger, that we’d love to share with all of you that helped make this donation possible.

“I have just returned from meetings in Kruger and dropped off 24 trauma packs for the IPZ rangers. I can’t begin to emphasize the significance of your support to SRP and how the funds you generate support the guys risking their lives on the front line for our rhinos. The increasing levels of aggression from poachers towards our rangers is staggering, hence us focusing on providing top quality trauma medical (sic) packs to the guys. Thanks so much to African Creative for making this happen and all of you working on or supporting the Locked Horn Project.” 

Hearing reports like this really puts the work we do at the Locked Horn Project into perspective and drives us to continue to create unique hand-crafted rhino art for the cause.

For those of you that aren’t already familiar with the Locked Horn Project and found us because you are interested in helping stop rhino poaching, we are a collaboration between African Creative and StopRhinoPoaching.Com that utilises the traditional African art medium of bead and wire to create unique beaded rhino art.

We created this range of beaded african artwork and set up partnerships with individuals, retailer and companies to help us support the cause and raise awareness. Our hope is that these beaded rhino art acts as a symbol of conservation especially around the issue of poaching and a symbol of the need to protect the rhino horn.

We donate 15% of every purchase to StopRhinoPoaching.com. Help us get to the next milestone and buy a beautiful and unique piece of beaded rhino art. With every purchase you are contributing to the fight against poaching and to rhino protection.  

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