Donate – How to Get Involved

The rhino horn needs you!

There are many ways you can donate to help stop rhino poaching.

You can also:

There are many ways to get involved in the fight to protect endangered rhino and one of your most important weapons is education.

Keep yourself informed about what’s going on via all the media that is available to us. Make sure rhino protection remains headline news. 

Our handmade beaded wire rhinos are our way of contributing to the rhino protection campaign. We created the range of African art and set up partnerships with individuals, retailer and companies to help us bring it to life. Our dream is that these rhinos become a symbol of conservation especially around the issue of poaching and a symbol of the need to protect the rhino horn.

The Locked Horn Project is fully endorsed by StopRhinoPoaching, and it’s a powerful way to make a meaningful contribution to save the endangered rhino. 15% of every sale goes to them to fund the many programs that they run.  

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